The status quo has failed to keep up with the exponential pace of technology innovation in our ultra-connected world. Attackers are able to penetrate an organization within minutes, yet the majority of breaches took weeks to detect.

Throwing more security tools at the problem and hoping for a different result is not getting us anywhere. If the continued rise in the number of breaches is an indicator, we need a different approach. An approach that balances the current appetite for security tools with a strategic plan. A strategic plan that empowers IT and Security teams, the C-Suite and Boards of Directors to make better decisions and gain confidence in their security posture.

At Liberty Digital Security we think there is a new and better way to solve this vital problem. It's time to go back to basics and tackle basic security hygiene issues. Our goal is to lead by example, to be truthful to the industry and our customers. We aim to squelch the fear and noise and help our customers connect to their security challenges and then manage them, with intellect.

The cyber criminals are operating beyond our borders, the evidence is evaporating, technology is advancing too rapidly to keep pace and the laws are advancing too slowly to help.